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Take Up Space: A Workshop on Boundaries, Self-Worth, & Strengthening Your Relationship With Self

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Your boundaries never have to be justified. They never have to be rational to anyone other than you. Your boundaries are not up for debate. Ever.

Did anyone ever tell you that you and only you own your body? That you get to choose how you enjoy it, explore it, and share it with others?

Did anyone teach you how to sit in the uncertainty and discomfort of stating a boundary without wavering or justifying yourself?

Setting boundaries can be endlessly challenging, and a big part of why is because setting a boundary is to take up space, to prioritize you, and to risk the discomfort that can come with people’s feelings about our boundaries.

You deserve to take up space.

You deserve to be heard, honored, respected, and supported.

Your edges are yours to discover.

We often think of boundaries as being a denial or a rejection, holding up your hand and keeping things you don't want at a distance. It can be.

But boundaries are so much more. 

Boundaries are about creating the life and the experiences you want for yourself. 

They're about energy management and self-worth.

Setting boundaries is also about community, relationships, and culture.

And yet...

We aren't taught that. In fact, we're taught the opposite particularly if we are female-identified, queer, fat, disabled, a person of color or at some other intersection of oppression.

We need boundaries for safety and self-care, and we can also create boundaries to increase intimacy, to bolster our practice of consent, to deepen our capacity to listen – to ourselves and others.

This is about self-worth. This is about taking up space.

This is about trusting yourself, or starting to find your way towards self-trust.

It's about finding your voice and practicing using it in small ways until you have the power and the practice to be loud.

Join me.


This workshop includes:

- 10 video lessons and matching workbooks full of self-reflective prompts and questions

- an hour-long interview with boundary expert Cristien Storm from Explore More Summit 2018

- a 90-minute community call recording on boundaries

- free access to Dawn Serra's Relationship Charter Workbook on relationship agreements and boundaries


The lessons include:

Lesson 1: Defining Boundary Work

Lesson 2: No Justification Required

Lesson 3: Boundary Setting Requires Visibility

Lesson 4: Trust Yourself

Lesson 5: Wants and Needs, or Creating a Culture of Yes

Lesson 6: Communicating That Boundary

Lesson 7: Your Boundary and the Feelings About Your Boundary Are Not the Same Thing

Lesson 8: Stepping on a Landmine

Lesson 9: Rejection Resilience, or Loving the No

Lesson 10: Playing with Boundaries


About the host:

Sex is a social skill. Dawn Serra speaks it, writes it, teaches it, and she helps you learn how to develop it. She is the creator and host of the weekly podcast, Sex Gets Real, and of the online sexuality & body acceptance summit, Explore More. She lectures at colleges and universities on sex and relationships and works one-on-one with clients who need to get unstuck around their pleasure and desire. Dawn's approach to sex is intersectional, inclusive, and justice-based. It's not all work, though! In her downtime, Dawn can often be found watching an episode of Masterchef Australia, cooking up something delicious, or adventuring with her husband. Pronouns: she/her/hers

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Take Up Space: A Workshop on Boundaries, Self-Worth, & Strengthening Your Relationship With Self

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