DIY Radical Summit Creation Course: Planning & Launching Your Online Event

One of the first things I hear from entrepreneurs when I mention online summits and conferences is, "Are those still a thing?"

YES. Yes, they are. The problem is far too many entrepreneurs and speakers have been burned, harmed, or taken advantage of by most of the traditional online summit models out there.

So what are you to do? You've been dreaming of creating a beautiful, inclusive, accessible, community-centered online event, but you don't want to fall into the trap that so many entrepreneurs have subscribed to recently and you can't afford complete production services...

Welcome to the DIY Radical Summit Creation Course. 

I was troubled by the same things you're probably seeing - minimum list requirements, shame-based invitations leveraging FOMO, all-white speaker panels, manipulative marketing tactics. 

In my quest to find something different, I attended loads of summits in a variety of industries, spoke at a handful of events (always for free), and then decided it was time to forge my own path.

I wanted to create a summit that paid speakers with money (not exposure). 

An event that centered community, lifted up marginalized voices, and contributed to new stories about the ways we can do business. 

A place that nurtured vulnerability, that took people deep within, and all while growing my business in a way that felt aligned for me.

That's what you'll find in this course. All of my notes, checklists, lessons learned, mistakes, and successes in a happy little package.

I recognize that my approach to summits is not the only solution. 

My hope is that this course inspires you to jumpstart that vision of yours - whether it's using my model to the T or in taking the bits that work for you and running in a whole new direction.

Either way, birthing your summit in a way that feels aligned is possible, and I want to help you bring it into the world.

Who is the course for?

This course is for the DIYer.

You want the goods and you're ready to hit the ground running.

I've designed this specifically for entrepreneurs who believe in:

  • paying people for their time
  • deliberately cultivating an inclusive line-up of speakers
  • challenging the status quo
  • centering the expertise of others and the experiences of your attendees

all while having faith that doing these things will also lead to your own business growth and freedom.

This course is NOT a quick fix, a simple solution, a magic bullet to get you to a six figure business nor a scheme that encourages oppressive or manipulative tactics that center you.

What's included in the course?

- A comprehensive & interactive guide book that helps you define your vision, mission, values, ethos, and message. You will use this to drive every decision you make - from the speakers you invite to the interview questions you ask to the community activities you build in to your payment structure and technology solutions.

- A comprehensive checklist that takes you from the day you first have your idea all the way through post-event community building and speaker payments. 

- Videos on how to host an interview that gets your speakers going deep and vulnerable, technology solutions, and community building.

- Tips for making your summit accessible (closed captions, scholarships, transcripts, etc).

- A template for tracking speaker invites, follow-ups, interviews, social media, video hosting, and more. Staying organized with this many moving pieces is critical.

- An overview of possible technology and hosting solutions you may want to consider or explore. This includes various ways to pay your speakers.

- Plus, a bonus section full of suggestions around self-care for attendees, mistakes to avoid, promotion ideas, and more.

- [optional] If you'd like some one-on-one support included in the course, you can add three one-on-one coaching sessions with me at a discounted rate. Use the coaching sessions for help getting clarity, to determine technology, to brainstorm ideas and solutions, to feel less alone, or whatever else you might need to get your event out into the world.

How is it delivered?

All of the materials will be hosted here on Gumroad. You'll get a receipt and a chance to create your own username and password. Whenever you want to watch a video or grab that workbook, you'll be able to hop over to Gumroad and access it - as many times as you need.

I can't wait to share this with you. 

It's everything I wish I'd had when I first realized I wanted to create a summit - all the lessons learned, the mistakes, the lists, and most importantly, the vision and mission that will keep you and your community feeling supported and valued before, during, and after it's all said and done.

Because after the summit wraps up? The adventure has only just begun.


Curious to learn more about me? Pop over to my summit creation page to learn more about my own summit and the other options available (like one-on-one coaching) in helping you with your event.

I also do full summit support if you'd rather go the luxury route and offer package coaching if you'd love a cheerleader that's more involved throughout the process. 


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DIY Radical Summit Creation Course: Planning & Launching Your Online Event